Science and Practice of Life Transformation DaimokuPower for Activating the Unlimited Cosmic Source of Happiness and Abundance!
                                                    Science and Practice of Life Transformation    DaimokuPower for Activating the Unlimited Cosmic Source of Happiness and Abundance! 

Our Projects

We are developing a systematic understanding of Nichiren Buddhism for spiritual transfor­mation as well as for fulfillment of our desires in every aspect of life. In this regard our project comprises three major areas in which we explain the application of Nichiren Buddhism.

3. Building a Bridge Between Science and Spirituality  1:   Research into Buddhist Philosophy 2.  Practical Application
This area covers new scientific approaches that are now beginning to integrate energy and consciousness, such as quantum phys­ics, neuroscience, bio-feedback, electrophotonics and epi­genetics, as well as heart research, consciousness research, research on meditation and so on. It is fascinating to see that all these new approaches support many concepts and principles developed in Nichiren Buddhism. 

In this basic area which corresponds to the traditional Buddhist Studies,

we are examining  Nichi­ren Buddhism in terms of its historical and philosophical development.

In the meantime we have developed

a systematic interpretation which is most suitable to a modern understanding of the practice of self-realization based on the ethic of self-responsibility. We believe this is the most appropriate form of practicing the NB as lay practioners in modern world of the 21. Century.  

 The area of practically applying Nichiren Buddhism for realizing your visions and improving your life situation in order to achieve a successful and happy life. For this purpose we make use of research results from areas such as positive psychology, neuro-linguistic pro­gramming, success principles, and other areas of conscious­ness and brain research. 

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