Science and Practice of Life Transformation DaimokuPower for Activating the Unlimited Cosmic Source of Happiness and Abundance!
                                                    Science and Practice of Life Transformation   DaimokuPower for Activating the Unlimited Cosmic Source of Happiness and Abundance! 


We are independent researchers and retain intellectual freedom to continue our own research and publication, including giving lectures. In this role, we maintain contact with all people who appreciate our commitment, regardless of their institutional affiliation. At the same time, we demand that our readers have equal individual rights and freedoms to study and talk about our books.

Despite this, some people are spreading misinformation about us without having read our books themselves. Mr. Ikeda himself was an open-minded intellectual who has engaged with a wide range of topics and scholars outside of SGI. On the contrary, there are people who betray his free spirit and try to intimidate our readers not to talk about our books and not to contact us. This kind of criminal acts happened recently in Italy and UK, while our research institute (DPI) here in Germany has entered into a positive agreement with SGI to promote mutual respect and peaceful coexistence (see the attached picture).

We encourage our readers to stand up against such intimidation and to defend their rights and freedoms. Otherwise, there can be no basis for kosenrufu.

   The practice of DaimokuPower enables you to have access to the dimension of cosmic consciousness beyond the level of everyday consciousness. 

   The language of science connects people.  Religion and Culture have the potential to separate and discriminate people. 

   New scientific approaches that include energy and consciousness build a bridge to the Buddhist wisdom of Nichiren Buddhism. 

   With the help of state-of-the-art methods it is possible to make the effects of this spiritual practice visible.

   In getting to know what happens in your body including brain, heart, and in cellular levels, you can only  practice with deep confidence to make great breakthroughs in your life.

Our Projects

We are developing a systematic understanding of Nichiren Buddhism for spiritual transfor­mation as well as for fulfillment of our desires in every aspect of life. In this regard our project comprises three major areas in which we explain the application of Nichiren Buddhism.

NB 2.0 series NB 3.0 series NB 4.0 series

  Research into Buddhist Philosophy

Building a Bridge Between Science and Spirituality 

  Practical Application

We have been struggling to overcome the traditional Buddhist doctrines that we designate as the version 1.0. Today we offer to update this into the version 2.0 that is most suitable for lay Nichiren Buddhists in the global society of the 21st Century.  



This area covers new scientific approaches that are now beginning to integrate energy and consciousness, such as quantum phys­ics, neuroscience, bio-feedback, electrophotonics and epi­genetics, as well as heart and brain research, consciousness research and research on meditation. It is fascinating to see that all these new approaches support many concepts and principles developed in Nichiren Buddhism. 


 The area of practically applying Nichiren Buddhism for realizing your visions and improving your life situation in order to achieve a successful and happy life. For this purpose we make use of research results from areas such as positive psychology, neuro-linguistic pro­gramming, success principles as well as conscious­ness, brain and heart research. 

NB 2.0 is available. NB 3.0 & 3.1 are available. NB 4.0 is available.
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