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                                                    Science and Practice of Life Transformation   DaimokuPower for Activating the Unlimited Cosmic Source of Happiness and Abundance! 

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The non-profit association “DaimokuPower Research Funding” was founded on October 13, 2021, in Heidelberg, Germany, to provide a forum for fundraising.

Our Mission is to support scientific research on the life-changing and healing effects of chanting daimoku. This covers various aspects on the mental, emotional and physical levels and includes the measurement of brain frequencies and heart rates, of blood values as well as measurements on the cellular level.

Our Vision is to encourage people to deepen their conviction of in daimoku and thus to achieve their most profound desires and goals.

This includes fostering the relationship between spirituality and science. We think they should not be treated as separate from each other but should complement and mutually benefit each other. In particular, we want to build a bridge between the wisdom of Nichiren Buddhism and the knowledge of modern science. In this respect, we are aiming to measure the positive effects of Daimoku on our own bodies and on our consciousness.    

Our Purpose is to raise fundings to support several research activities and projects examining the effects of Daimoku, which will be undertaken by the “DaimokuPower Institut” in Heidelberg and other academic research institutes. The research results will be made available to the public whereas the “DaimokuPower Institut” will utilize them to illuminate further implication of daimoku in the publication.

Our Goal is to raise $ 100,000. This is the minimum amount requested to carry out a complex and in-depth research project involving10 to 20 subjects. Apart from this project and our own studies we will continue to look for other research institutes to collaborate with.

Our Backstory is based on our passion for illuminating the ancient wisdom of Nichiren Buddhism (NB) using modern analytical tools which conform to contemporary scientific standards. So far, we have carried out measurements on ourselves with our own financial resources. To this end, we have invested more than € 10,000 in recent years, to cover the measurements and the associated travel and training cost. We implemented the research results to deliver an adequate interpretation of Nichiren Buddhist principles in our publications.

We have now reached a new phase to which will involve a statistic examination of the relevant effects of daimoku, applying an academic-scientific approach. Our aim is to collaborate with a world-renowned university which is ready to work with us. However, we need $ 100,000 in order to finance the project.

Besides of this particular project, we want to cooperate with other academic institutes that may be interested in doing research with us. For this purpose, we also need financial support, in order to fund this further research.  

We are an independent research institute 

for developing

a bridge between the wisdom of Nichiren Buddhism and

new scientific approaches. 



Dr. Yukio Matsudo & Dr. Susanne Matsudo-Kiliani

69118 Heidelberg



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