Science and Practice of Life Transformation DaimokuPower for Activating the Unlimited Cosmic Source of Happiness and Abundance!
                                                    Science and Practice of Life Transformation   DaimokuPower for Activating the Unlimited Cosmic Source of Happiness and Abundance! 

The Orchid Room in collaboration with the Invictus Study Center, in order to enhance and support the DaimokuPower project of Yukio Matsudo and Susan Matsudo-Kiliani has inaugurated a channel on their YouTube space where you will find news and insights from their project that aim to experiment with scientific method the impact that daimoku has on our psychic and physical healing up to affecting the immune system is DNA. 
On the new channel is the lecture "Daimoku transforms your reality and improves your health" from July 31.

DaimokuPower Project


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Dear friends of the Mystic Law!

Don't you want to become part of our groundbreaking research project?

   We founded the “DaimokuPower Research Fund,” a non-profit association dedicated to funding research on the life-changing and healing effects of the Nichiren Buddhist practice of chanting Daimoku. The proposed research is groundbreaking and designed to contribute to a deeper understanding of the significance of the practice of Daimoku. We ask you to join us to support our projects for the purpose of kosenrufu, world peace through propagating the Mystic Law to transform the world.

   In our previous research we measured positive changes in several areas of the human body like biophoton emission, brain frequencies, heart rate variability and the immune marker IgA after one hour of daimoku. We reported the results of these measurements in our book series on Nichiren Buddhism: 3.0, 3.1 and 4.0.

   Next, we intend to go one step further and conduct extensive research in cooperation with medical research institutes at university level. We are already in contact with some professors who would like to work together with us.

   Among others, we would like to start with a new study examining which genes are being activated when we chant Daimoku. We are asking the following questions: How does chanting Daimoku change the body´s gene regulation/expression? Which groups of genes are being activated when we chant Daimoku?

   For this project, we need at least forty volunteers to be divided into two groups ─ one group of twenty participants who are experienced practitioners whereas the control group consists of twenty people who has no experience with chanting. Their blood samples will be collected before and after chanting Daimoku for one hour. The research result will be published as an academic paper by the Research Team under the guidance of the Leading Professor.

   To conduct such a genomic, molecular analysis, a minimum of $ 30,000 is required for blood sampling and the genomic analysis. As soon as we have raised the necessary funds, the DaimokuPower Research Project will commence.

   We are asking you if you would like to help to support us in the following points:

Do you understand and appreciate the great significance of our research projects and want to support us by donation?

  1. If more than one thousand people would donate a minimum of $ 20 Euros per person, we could already reach the target of fundraising and start with the research project.
  2. Or we would need twenty experienced practitioners who are willing to donate $ 500 to cover the costs for their own blood samplings and genomic analysis.
  3. We also need another twenty people who have no experience of chanting daimoku to build a control group. After the first session without chanting, they will be taught how to chant. Their blood will also be sampled before and after one hour of chanting. These people can ideally be the friends you are trying to introduce into the Nichiren Buddhist practice. 
  4. Later we will form a team to organize an event for this research project, somewhere in Europe or in the US. You can also support us in this respect.
  5. If you are a medical doctor or a nurse, you can support us by taking blood from the participants. Or do you know someone who can help us doing so?
  6. Firstly however we have to collect enough money to carry out this research project. 

    If you understand and appreciate the groundbreaking importance of our projects, please support us by informing your friends about our projects and fundraising, making a donation or/and solving the above-mentioned issues.

Lots of love to all of you,

Yukio & Susanne

We are an independent research institute 

for developing

a bridge between the wisdom of Nichiren Buddhism and

new scientific approaches. 



Dr. Yukio Matsudo & Dr. Susanne Matsudo-Kiliani

69118 Heidelberg



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