Science and Practice of Life Transformation DaimokuPower for Activating the Unlimited Cosmic Source of Happiness and Abundance!
                                                    Science and Practice of Life Transformation   DaimokuPower for Activating the Unlimited Cosmic Source of Happiness and Abundance! 

The 3rd DPI session with Dr. Yukio Matsudo & Dr. Susanne Matsudo-Kiliani

in collaboration with the Orchid Room

More light in your life !    Let’s experience together the effect of DaimokuPower in connection with a collective intention focused on the heart. After introducing important aspects of intention and heart coherence, you are invited to a brief exercise in coherent breathing and sending loving and healing intention together for specific persons and for all of us.

18:00 (CET) on October 8, 2022 (Sat) 

Access link:

Italiano:   La 3a sessione DPI con il Dr. Yukio Matsudo & dott.ssa Susanne Matsudo-Kiliani

in collaborazione con la Stanza delle Orchidee

Più luce nella propria vita!   Sperimenteremo Insieme l'effetto di DaimokuPower in connessione con un'intenzione collettiva focalizzata sul cuore. Dopo aver introdotto alcuni aspetti importanti dell'intenzione e della coerenza del cuore, siete invitati a un breve esercizio di respirazione coerente e all'invio di intenzioni amorevoli e curative insieme per persone specifiche e per tutti noi.

Invitation to online sessions and recorded videos 2022

In-depth meeting with Yukio Matsudo and Susanne Matsudo-Kiliani on Sunday, August 21, 2022 at 6 pm. After the great success of the seminar last July 31, over 1000 participants, many people submitted questions to which Yukio & Susanne gave answeres in this second meeting. In case you missed our question and answer session, here is the recorded video where you can watch it! Just click on the picture.

La Stanza delle Orchidee in collaborazione con il Centro Studi Invictus, per valorizzare e sostenere il progetto DaimokuPower di Yukio Matsudo e Susan Matsudo-Kiliani ha inaugurato un canale sul proprio spazio YouTube dove troverete le news e gli approfondimenti del loro progetto che mirano a sperimentare con metodo scientifico l’impatto che ha il daimoku sulla nostra guarigione psichica e fisica sino a influenzare il sistema immunitario è il DNA.
The Orchid Room in collaboration with the Invictus Study Center, to enhance and support the DaimokuPower project of Yukio Matsudo and Susan Matsudo-Kiliani has launched a channel on their YouTube space where you will find news and apps glimpses of their project that aim to experiment with a scientific method the impact what has the daimoku on our mental and physical healing until it affects the immune system is DNA.

Sul nuovo canale la conferenza “Il Daimoku trasforma la tua realtà e migliora la tua salute” del 31 luglio scorso.    Progetto DaimokuPower     YouTube:

Online study meeting, UK - Not available anymore

This is a recorded video of the session 2 on Aug. 24, 2022 in the English series of "Buddha Study with Indigo" about our book "change your brainwaves- change your karma - NB 3.1"

Aaron made a short version of his last online session 1 "Buddha Study with Indigo".

Highly inspirational!!! Here is the video of the Zoom study about our book "Change your brainwaves- change your karma" organised by our reader Aaron from London, UK. 

Session 1 on Aug. 18, 2022.

Invitation to the Zoom event in August, Septemer 2022, "Buddha Study with Indigo" about our book "Change your brainwaves - change your karma. Nichiren Buddhism 3.1", organised by our reader Aaron Indigo from London, UK.

This is an ongoing zoom study meeting which will recurrently take place

every Wednesday at 20 pm CEST, 19 pm UK time and 11 am California time.

This is the link to the recurring session every Wednesday:

or just click on the picture for access to the meeting.

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